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Texas Cargo Truck Insurance – Options to Consider

If you are an independent owner operator you should not skip purchasing cargo truck insurance.

Cargo insurance protects you in the event the goods being hauled are damaged, lost or stolen.

If you are hauling perishable foods and your refrigeration equipment breaks down cargo truck insurance can cover the damages. If there is a leak in your truck and the cargo gets water damaged it may be covered.

There are many different ways cargo can be damaged.

Texas Commercial Cargo Truck Insurance – Is This Covered?

Tim is a truck driver for Pecan Dandies, a pecan orchard in Lubbock Texas. He’s hauling a full shipment of pecans to Kearney Nebraska. The nearly 10 hour trip is going well so far.

Just out of Oklahoma things get a little slow due to construction. He’s in traffic for longer than he’d like to be and there are laws about how long he can be on the road at any given time.

He pulls off at a rest stop and enjoys a little lunch. After his break he continues on US-83 north bound until he’s near Menlo and Rexford Kansas. As he’s nearing a curve a car pulls out in front of him from a side road.

Tim breaks and swerves to the side to avoid the car, but at the speed he was going he has difficulty. His truck tips over. The back hatch breaks open, spilling pecans all over the road!

Tim only has minor injuries, thankfully, but his cargo is completely ruined.

Would Tim’s cargo truck insurance cover the damages?

Call the specialists at Country Side Insurance to find out if Texas cargo insurance would cover this claim.

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