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What Is Texas Reefer Insurance?

What is “reefer” insurance? It may have a strange name but it is designed to protect commercial trucks that haul fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods. The “reefer” comes from the “refrigerator” truck name.

If you plan to use a refrigerator truck it is imperative to have the right coverage. Available options are coverage for breakdowns, loading and unloading, debris removal, collision and much more.

Be sure to speak with one of our agents to assess what your coverage needs are as different policies may have exclusions you may not be aware of.  The following claims scenario will illustrate the importance of this.

A Beef with the Texas Refrigerator Truck Insurance Policy!

Alfred Vache owns his own refrigerator truck he leases to various companies to deliver fruits and vegetables. He’s looking to expand and speaks to a company that specializes in beef, pork, and seafood.

They have some of the best food in the region, but they want to start delivering to stores further away.

Alfred places a bid with the company and after much negotiation the company agrees to use Alfred’s services. He receives his first delivery order and loads his cargo.

The weather is hot and Alfred can hear his truck compressor working overtime to keep the cargo at optimal temperature. About an hour away from his destination he hears an odd noise, and the truck’s sensors warn him something is wrong.

Alfred pulls over to the side of the road and finds that his truck’s refrigerator mechanism is malfunctioning. Alfred believes he can make it to his destination before the truck becomes too warm to keep his cargo at the proper temperature.

He gets back into the cab and turns his key in the ignition and is greeted with a click, click, click and his engine refuses to turn over.

Alfred calls Harvey Smith, a mobile road mechanic but Harvey is an hour away. As Alfred waits in the baking sun he soon realizes he will likely lose his cargo. He makes an uncomfortable call to the food company telling them about his breakdown.

They commiserate with Alfred and advise him they need to file a claim on his insurance policy.  Trying to save face he readily agrees and provides them his agent’s telephone number.

A claim is submitted but Alfred did not realize there is a problem with his coverage.

His particular policy doesn’t automatically cover meat and fish! He needed to add an endorsement to extend coverage for those transported items.

Since he can’t retroactively purchase the specific endorsement to cover meat and fish Alfred is stuck footing the bill for $25,000 in spoiled meat + he loses his contract with the food distribution company.

It’s important to know what your policy covers, or what it doesn’t cover so when your needs change you can adjust your insurance to suit it.

Avoid Gaps in Your Texas Refrigerator Truck Insurance Coverage!

Because truck insurance can be complex you need someone well versed and experienced to help you choose what is best for your circumstances.

Gaps can leave you vulnerable, and can cost you financially. Call the capable agents at Pathway Insurance at 800-998-0662  or click on Texas reefer insurance to begin your online quote today.

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