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Insurance for Moving Companies Dallas TX – Is This Claim Covered?

Terrance accepted a promotion from the company he works for and is moving to Dallas.

Rather than pack and move everything Terrance and his wife Judy decide to hire movers. Mandel and Sons Moving Company offers them the best deal.

Terrance and Judy believe they are in good hands.

On the day of the move Mandel and his sons are getting a walkthrough of Terrance and Judy’s house. They have some of the smaller items already packed up, but there are some items they are paying Mandel to pack for them.

Larger items need to be wrapped properly and handled with care. One of these items is an antique upright piano that has been in Judy’s family for four generations. Because the panel is quite valuable Judy had purchased special insurance to cover her piano.

Mandel is given specific instructions on where everything should be placed in their new home.

During the move it begins to rain. The storm seems to follow Mandel and his sons as they travel to Terrance and Judy’s new home. When they arrive at the new location Mandel and his two employees begin to unload the truck.

Finally it comes time to moving the piano. Large pianos are always a challenge for movers and this one is particularly difficult.

As the movers are carrying the piano down the truck ramp, Vincent loses his grip and at the same time Mandel’s left foot slips on the ramp and the piano crashes to the street.

Unfortunately this $10,000 piano is ruined!

Judy contacted her homeowner’s insurance company to cover the damages and they pay the claim.  Later Mandel gets a notice he’s being sued by Judy’s insurance company!

They contend his company’s negligence led to the damages of the piano and are seeking reimbursement.

Will Mandel’s moving truck insurance defend him and pay for any claims in reference to this ruined antique furniture?

Important questions to learn if you are searching for new insurance for moving companies in Dallas Texas!

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